E14 – TornioHaparanda

The new schematic master plan of the Europan14 area in TornioHaparanda has been developed based on the winning Two Cities One Heart -entry (TREA, 2017) of the international Europan14 competition. After the competition phase, the master plan has been revised according to the cities comments, the volume of construction and traffic solutions have been carefully studies and visualisations have been created for communication and marketing purposes. The master plan has evolved during the process, but the core components from the competition phase (boulevard, loop and neighbourhoods) are still very much the basis of the plan.

From the competition phase:

The Twin City TornioHaparanda with its open border is a unique statement in the time of global conflict and rising nationalism. It represents the Nordic spirit and acts as a gateway to the Arctic. The proposed urban scheme ‘Two Cities One Heart’ aims to support this unique unity, creating one active heart for the twin city. The proposed dense urban structure creates shelter in the arctic climate, while catering for a variety of activities and functions. The proposal places emphasis in the use of locally sourced materials, such as wood and steel. The utilization of these materials in high-quality construction and urban spaces defines the atmosphere of the area. The twin city is further activated with three distinct interventions: the Loop, the Boulevard and the Neighborhoods. In this proposal, the urban fabric on each side of the border is stitched together with a distinctive route, the TornioHaparanda Loop, where commerce, production and recreation meet. The route E4 is truly transformed into a connecting artery – a productive boulevard that feeds the region. Rajapuisto park remains an arctic void defined by the urban structure – treated as an active park yet tranquil in its vastness. The park is defined by a variety of neighborhoods, each with their own distinctive profile. When combined, the presented interventions create intriguing opportunities for commerce, production and tourism alike. From two cities separated by the border…… to twin city with one heart!