Lappeenrannan raatihuoneen kortteli – Lappeenranta Town Hall Block

View to the Raatihuone park


The competition proposal ’Puutarha’ (’Garden’) presents a development concept for the old town hall block in Lappeenranta city centre, where a new building volume extends the existing park as a winter garden. A new green and open urban living room is created into the heart of the city. The bases of new infill buildings adapt to the heritage buildings in timber and stone while new residential volumes with lightweight timber volumes are introduced on top of them. A calm and balanced street profile complements the existing urban structure.
The proposal celebrates the existing lush courtayard defined by the old town hall: new shared garden is introduces to the middle of the block. New retail and office spaces are weaved into the garden in low-rise wings, that offer views to the garden and heritage buildings.

Cross section of the new winter garden space
Elevation to Koulukatu


Aerial view


Site plan