Affordable Timber Housing – Housing Reform 2018

The competition entry to the open Housing Reform 2018 – competition celebrates the generous green public space in the heart of Kuokkala area. The entry ‘Kuokkalan kaverit’ proposes to activate the park by introducing a new public sauna building. The ecological timber apartment blocks benefit the planet, the surrounding city and neighbourhood of Kuokkala, as well as the residents through a holistic approach. The entry allows for realisation of both affordable and flexible residential solutions. The semi-open block is divided into two sides – each part includes generous and light-filled common spaces such as workshops, laundry spaces and spa-saunas serving the residents. The ground floor is a productive space that the house community can rent out to finance the shared spaces. The proposal mixes different modes of living from rental units to owned flats. The apartments are divided into two different housing types: compact double height lofts allowing for various floor plan solutions chosen by the residents, and an efficient block with small family apartments that all have a large balcony as well as views to many directions. All housing units are proposed to be realised from prefabricated timber-structured elements that create healthy interior climate as well as are sustainable.