TREA Team for Resilient Architecture is a Helsinki-based planning office that focuses on sustainable architecture and design. The office was founded by architects Vilma Autio, Hanna Kuivalainen and Maija Parviainen in 2017, spurred by success that the team achieved in the international Europan 14 competition.

The core ideology behind our team’s work is to enhance the resilience of built environments towards contemporary ecological and societal changes. The adaptability of built environments is a synonym to their capacity to thrive in the modern global society, where urban areas are in constant competition with each other regarding resources such as inhabitants, tourists and investors.

In our experience, the only way to create characteristic and timeless design solutions is to closely co-operate with all the stakeholders of the project in question, including the end users. We therefore apply extensive collaborative planning methods where possible to take full advantage of this stakeholder knowledge.

The members of our planning team have wide experience in various planning tasks ranging from extensive strategic master plans and visions to detailed construction planning. In our planning work we always strive to pay attention to the various scales of urban environments to create places that are truly tailored to the human scale.

Our latest updates can be found under our Instagram at @teamtrea!